Dear readers,

My name is Stina Chauvet and I am the founder of IMPROVEMENTS by Stina Auer. That's me, Stina, Ruba and Karin, who today work together as a strong team with a focus on results, security and on creating a more personal feeling than in larger clinics where it's easy to become one in the crowd. We want to give all prospective and existing patients a simple, good information page with answers to most questions and concerns you may have when you want to create some kind of improvement in yourself. It is also here on the website that you book treatments with the respective person under "Book".

I have worked in medical aesthetics since I graduated from Karolinska Institutet more than eighteen years ago and have worked in three major clinics over the years, running my own clinics with patients but also helping to build up the clinic, training staff and external and internal doctors and always being a high profile in the media. I have taken some thirty training courses internationally and in Sweden over the years, most recently in Berlin, Madrid and Paris.
During my years I have done more than 20000 treatments which has given me a lot of experience. Most recently I worked at the Akademikliniken but I have also worked at the Ellipse Clinic and the Stureplans Clinic. I have specialised in many areas, sat as an expert in closed "round table" meetings in medical aesthetics, written for magazines, medical portals with aesthetic focus, been featured as a specialist on TV, blogged about aesthetic treatments... etc.

Eight years ago I opened my own clinic, the one you are visiting here. A clinic that I can stand for, that represents how I work and what I do. Later, the company grew and I hired our amazing doctor Ruba and our talented skin specialist Karin. The focus for all of us is to provide the best service we possibly can, with a clear presence and personal attention, while giving you the best value for money. We will always give you a mobile number for your therapist where you can always get hold of them as we know that questions can easily arise that you want answers to quickly.

Improvements by Stina Auer represents a strong creative mind. We are straightforward and clear in our communication but with a strong focus on what you want with your face and appearance and make every effort to listen to who you are and what you want. There's not much we haven't done on patients in this world of improvement and we have very large numbers of patients in our background. We help young and old, men and women, no "problem" is too big or too small. We listen, guide, advise and inform WHAT is realistic and possible and then create or meet your goals.

Together, we'll discuss what it is about your face that makes you feel tired, worn out, aged or generally unhappy. Maybe we need to fill in the crevices under the eyes to look more alert, maybe with age, stress and pregnancy you've lost a lot of the volume in the mid-face that makes you feel fresh instead of just "hanging". Maybe you want and have always dreamed of more defined cheekbones, maybe you've inherited your mother's dull lines from nose to mouth that you don't like at all, maybe you just want a more sensual or plump mouth or get rid of the wrinkles on your forehead? I am your personal help to achieve the goals you have and if you don't know what is needed I can tell you what it is in your face that makes you look tired, older, grumpy, or whatever it may be. Or what in your face would be nice to enhance, change or rejuvenate.

The society that we as women and men live in may be built on the word that "you are fine the way you are and the inside is all that matters", but the fact and reality is somehow a combination of the fine sentence and that we live in a world and a society where appearance plays an extremely large role in how we feel, are looked at, judged and how balanced we are in the soul. We have realised the importance of a fine interior, but in combination with the finest I we want and can be. Appearance is important. On a personal level. It's important to have the chance to feel beautiful/beautiful and look your best as best you can. It makes you a little happier. It may sound superficial, but even research and scientific reports have proven that you have more to give if your reflection shows something positive. If you feel good about yourself. It doesn't always take big changes to create very positive results.

It's a constant cycle. Feel good, give more, get more back, feel better.

We only have one life, make the most out of it!

Warm welcome,
Stina Chauvet