New location

We are delighted to announce that after five years at Sibyllegatan, we are moving to a larger and more beautiful location in Mars. The new location is close by in the same area. Exact date and address to come until then.

We will be open at Sibyllegatan as usual throughout February and you who have bookings in March and this spring will receive the address from us and all information personally before your treatment date.

Follow us on Instagram: @improvementsbystinaauer for more information and lots of before and after pictures. It's also where we go out with offers.

Thank you for coming to us, it means everything! We hope you'll love the new space and feel as much as we do!
/Team Improvements


My own clinic

So I've finally taken the step to open my own clinic, Improvements by Stina Auer at Sibyllegatan 50B in Stockholm/Östermalm. I hope to give old and new patients a warm and wonderfully welcoming! I am always available by email at or via SMS on 073 545 17:48 for treatment or for simple questions and I will respond as quickly as possible. Hope to see you soon!


Aesthetic Injection Council

Every serious medical and anatomical practioner (doctors and specialized nurses) took an examination in spring 2015 of a few hours later audited by the Aesthetic injection Council in which they were either approved or not, regardless of experience. This is to ensure that it seriousness, experience, general and anatomical knowledge such as the important nerves and blood vessels, skin layers and dangerous areas of the ER patients and as it is extremely difficult to distinguish who is properly trained from who isn't.

At the Aesthetic Injection Council you can always search a therapist's name and if it can't be found, well, you should seriously reconsider taking a treatment by the practitioner.

Many serious practioners were approved, but a fair amout was deemed insufficient. The main flaws were found in patient's facial anatomy knowledge and, above all, how to handle a possible complications (as it can go very wrong as with any operation if the person intervening doesn't have adequate knowledge). Serious practioners are slightly more expensive because they have extensive experience, strong knowledge, treated thousands of patients and use products, fillers and neurotoxins that have huge research behind them and have been around for 20-30 years and we know that the risks are minimal with the right products and the right person. More info at

Do not let anyone inject anything into your face just because the cost is lower.