An estimated honest pricing or a clear set price is provided when you arrive at the consultation or right before the treatment is performed. Upon request, an estimation ca be provided by email via - but that being said, it's much easier to explain the treatments and make recommendation once onsite, face to face.

Injections are never cheap, not if reliable results are expected, based on much research and long-term studies, some dating all the way back to the 90s. There are many new cheaper fillers and Botulinum toxins (Botox) on the market that many clinics are using, but be warned that the long term effects of these are unclear With more than ten years experience in this industry, new fillers and toxins have appeared, spread to many clinicians and patients, caused immense problems and then suddenly disappeared from the market when the results were as expected. I can guarantee such cases will never happen with the medical brands used by Improvements by Stina Auer, with which around 100 million treatments have been performed with very good and safe long-term results.

All substances to be injected in the body in one way or another require a tremendous amount of research before approved. Improements by Stina Auer only works with the best and safest products on the market, known to yield very little side effects. The very few cases when side effects do arise are simple and can be easily and rapidly be treated. Cheaper injections can be found but can also provide unsuspected side effects, unwanted results that may not show up immediately. No other products than the ones injected on myself or my firends and family are available at Improvements by Stina Auer.. However, proper reflection on prices has taken place and the current offer reflects as fair prices as possible without cutting on safety. Good quality fillers and Botox might cost a little more in the beginning but will always be cheaper in the long run.